About Greg Woodward

I am the Chair of the Church Music Ministries Division at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I have served as a worship leader for traditional, blended, and contemporary settings over the past 15 years. I enjoy worship music by Bach, Wesley, and Tomlin. I have 6 kids, so there’s not much time for hobbies. I do enjoy watching football (particularly the Noles and Saints) with my boys, trying to keep up with Elizabeth (age 3) and Katie (age 2) at the pool, attending soccer and baseball games, and stealing a few moments with superwoman, my wife Michelle, once the kids head to bead. The greatest worship moment(s) of my life were the 6 births. Chalk it up to my human naivete, the Creative hand of God gets me every time. I stand in awe of His wondrous work.

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