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Reflection on Worship Weekend

There is much to reflect on after our experiences at the worship weekend in Atlanta sponsored by NOBTS and North Metro Baptist Church.

I’m sure you didn’t miss the depth of research that went into Nory’s presentations. His council on conflict resolution was most important biblical and also reflected sound leadership principles. The same was true of his responses in class on Friday. His message reflected several references to scholars. These are important reminders of the importance of the reading you are doing. You can’t work in overflow if you haven’t spent a good deal of time in books. Was there some reference that Rory made regarding his study of biblical text or other sources that totally blew you away. If yes share. Something Sharp or James shared is fair game as well.

Revitalizing Hymns

Surely if Sting can revitalize his rock songs, we can revitalize hymns. In many church settings, this orchestrated approach to making the old new will be well received. See video below from this PBS interview.

Worship Responses observed in David’s worship activity