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My Heart is Stirred by a Noble Theme

Well, it’s that time of year again in the NOBTS music division–we are working feverishly at preparing a night of worship that is entitled Crescent City Praise. This concert of worship will be presented Thursday evening, February 13, on the NOBTS campus. We’ve had a great week sitting under the leadership of Dr. Paul Clark, the TN Baptist Director of Music and Worship Ministries.

Dr. Clark challenged us from night one to move beyond laboriously trudging through notes toward expressions of worship through timeless anthem texts. As we seek to achieve that goal I was reminded in Psalms today that sometimes we are surprised with the passion of a strong theological theme as we do our spiritual routines. David says in Psalm 45 that “his heart is stirred by a noble theme as [he] recite[s] [his] verses for the king.” What we see here is that while the psalm writer is doing his due diligence to accomplish the task set before him, namely reciting verses for the king, he allows his heart to be stirred by noble themes.

What are noble themes? Noble themes are the timeless ideas we find in abundance in Psalms and throughout scripture; nobles themes are pillars upon which we can set our lives and ministries. As we move through the necessary disciplines of life, whether that be our daily devotion or learning  a bunch of notes for a night of worship, may we allow ourselves to be stirred by the noble themes that emerge ultimately in sacred text. Then our souls will be singing long after the final downbeat.

We hope you can join us in singing of the most noble theme of all, Jesus Saves! tomorrow night at CC Praise, Leavell Chapel, NOBTS campus, 7 PM, featuring student choir and community, student and community orchestra, and children’s and youth choirs.