History of Worship Lecture

The the following lectures are associated with a worship leadership class at NOBTS, but I would like to invite all who might be interested in growing in their understanding of historical movements in worship history. These first podcasts are quite low-technique so thank you in advance for your patience–I believe you will be able to hear the information clearly, which of course is the primary focus of these recordings: history of worship lecture 1 history of worship lecture 2 and history of worship lecture 3, history of worship lecture 4, and history of worship lecture 5, history of worship lecture 6, history of worship lecture 7a, and history of worship lecture 7b.

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  1. Portion of lecture with commentary on Madonna and Child: http://voicethread.com/share/3305171/


  2. Posted by william4806 on September 25, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Very cool, looking forward to these.


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