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Worship and Apologetics

I have been interested for some time in the relationship between a healthy worship gathering and a setting that is primarily used for evangelistic purposes. My tendency is to say–by the way I am not the originator of this thought–that a worship gathering that is being used for evangelistic purposes is not really corporate worship, with the recognition that God is honored as lost souls are saved. In this article I examine possible apologetic approaches in a corporate worship setting. After reviewing the categories regarding how apologetics can be integrated into a corporate worship setting, some suggestions are made for presenting an informed apologetic approach.

The article attached was presented in the spring of 2011 at Southwest Regional Evangelical Theological Society Meeting in Dallas and now appears in The Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry (journal link): Worship and Apologetics (direct link to article).

A Worship WIKI

Introducing a fantastic worship wiki created by our worship students at NOBTS–very proud. I think you’ll find this resource to be quite helpful and you’ll get a taste of the types of topics we discuss at NOBTS: