The (i)ncarnation of Worship

The article attached is the philosophical underpinning for this blog: (I)ncarnation chpt 1 and (I)ncarnation chpt 2.

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  1. Posted by Stephen Watson on May 24, 2012 at 1:39 pm

  2. Wow, I have a hard time comprehending all of this, but I hear you saying that worship is not just a written set of standards that are followed, or a particular style or culture, but must come from the heart of believers. I believe many are set on their ways, and believe if we don’t do corporate worship a certain way then we are not really worshiping. May God help us to have an open mind and realize that worship comes from the heart of the believer in their particular cultural environment. I am not saying we through the Bible, and doctrine out in the trash; but as we include the Bible, God and true doctrine let us have an open mind for others as they worship God.
    Jim Riley


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