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In keeping with the overall philosophy of worship that is being suggested on this site, namely that we seek to reconcile worship as a holy act that occurs within the context of culture, there is ample justification for practical analysis of songs being written that would at least loosely be categorized as worship songs. Please feel free to post a review a worship CD or song. I would encourage musical and theological reviews. In fact I would encourage both and will highlight examples that do just that. Please post song and CD reviews on the home page for this site.

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  1. Posted by Craig on November 20, 2010 at 12:57 am

    I selected the song; “O Praise Him (All This for a King). David Crowder composed the song that was eventually recorded by the David Crowder Band, copyright 2003. The recording I chose to review can be listened to by accessing the link:

    The reviewed version was fairly lengthy and began with a brief musical introduction. The singing of verse one followed the musical introduction. What I will call chorus one followed verse one and then the first part of the second verse was sung. Chorus one was repeated two times and was followed by a musical interlude, which included the singing of “la, la, la’s.” Chorus one was sung once again then went right into the second half of verse 2, which was followed by what I will call chorus two. This chorus was repeated two times, followed by chorus one, another musical interlude including la, la, la’s, a repetition of chorus two, followed by chorus one. The song ending follows all the above with la, la, la’s, once again begin repeated.

    The arrangement begins with what sounds like two synthesizers playing a very simple lead line with a type of wind or space sound. An acoustic guitar strumming and soloist pick up the song as the keyboard sounds begin to fade. The steady rhythm of a drum kit soon joins the soloist and guitarist. Instruments such as a tambourine, bass guitar, electric guitar and the creative sounds of a synthesizer join midway through the first verse.

    The arrangement I reviewed was recorded in the key of B-flat in four/four time with a tempo of one hundred sixteen beats per minute. I would consider this a moderate tempo.

    The melody of the song is fairly simple and interesting for this generation; however, an older generation might have some difficulty with the syncopation. A steady rhythm is sustained throughout the song making it very easy to stay in time. The orchestration is clearly contemporary with a driving bass guitar and drums in places. The electric guitar adds to the contemporary sound. In several places the orchestration softens to acoustic guitar with a slight drum rhythm. The harmony is excellent between the vocalist and supporting singers. The use of the synthesizer to add various voices adds to the recording.


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