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(i)ncarnational Worship

The attached documents explain the philosophical underpinnings of this site (Incarnation chpt 1; The incarnation of worship chpt 2). At the end of chapter 2, I present a list of the foundations of worship leadership preparation. Although, I believe the worship leader will want to grow in each of these areas to move toward maturity as a worship leader (no music items are mentioned because this document was written for worship leaders of all types, including lead pastor), the one item that should appear  to missing is the following: prayer. Even if one has all of the knowledge-based/wisdom-based tools, these tools will prove ineffective without the power of God. Often God has been gracious to me and allowed for impactful worship without the necessary prayer preparation, but I am increasingly convinced that I fail to see what could happen in worship because of my laziness in prayer. May we seal our commitment to acquiring these tools with fervent prayer. Please know that if you are not in the Worship Leadership or Planning and Leading Worship FAll 2012 classes at NOBTS, you are still invited to comment on these documents or ask for further explanation.