The Boy from Miami

About  47 years ago my dad was likely invited to join a gracious  family for Thanksgiving Dinner when he  attended William Carey in Hattiesburg. This year God brought a Miami boy to NOBTS. His name is Nick and its  a great privilege to have him in our home today. Things have changed a bit  in 47 years. Nick is a rapper from Miami who passionately posits justice but  most importantly the Gospel through his favorite medium. Nick is very much the face of the future  of evangelical ministry in our country (comfortable in the city, Latino, enjoying life, willing  to work hard, and loving Jesus) and we are thankful that he has  decided to be a part of the NOBTS family. No one could have imagined what bounty God would bring to a young man willing to follow God’s Call to “Go West Young Man” 47 years ago: Three Woodward boys and their families teaching and ministering in 2014 is a window into this bounty. And who knows what God might do through this young man in our  home today in future years: let’s pray to that end.

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