Journey to multicultural worship

I’ve been watching a program tonight, Oct 13, on PBS that is reviewing the relationship between religion and politics in America. Tonight Billy Graham is being associated with racism in terms of being a part of Protestants who encouraged MLK Jr to slow down in his freedom movement. While it is sad that our Baptist heritage, even in somewhat recent history, was too slow to seek unity in Christ, we recognize this has been a problem throughout church history (e.g., Paul’s constant call for recognition of the Gentiles as legitimate believers). Billy Graham is not perfect, but he was still one of greatest proclaimers of freedom in Christ in the 20th century, standing against the strongholds of his day to an extent that we will never know. I wonder if the documentary will tell the rest of the story? They are talking about Frances Schaeffer right now–that’s positive. I hope they will note that MLK’s dream is being realized most importantly, most gloriously in the church. America’s political attempts at multiculturalism fail again and again and seem forced.

I am a proud member of a multicultural Southern Baptist church. One of the greatest evangelical apologists of our day is Ravi Zacharius; his life is the very definition of unity among all cultures in Christ.

And now we as worship leaders have an opportunity to give the world a glimpse of the nations worshipping before the throne. We are searching for a multicultural worship sound, but more importantly we should be celebrating the multicultural worship that is occurring.

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